When Your Teenager is Diagnosed with Diabetes

This age group gradually takes over all of their diabetes care, although it is important for them to have your support, encouragement and sometimes, advice. Continuing education sessions with the diabetes team will also help.

They may feel angry at having to consider their diabetes before they can do things that their friends take for granted.

They may find that eating, drinking, trying things out and general socialising puts pressure on them as they try to juggle fitting in with friends while having to manage their diabetes.

There may be problems with willingness to carry out their diabetes management needs. It may get in the way of lifestyle wants and they may feel it stops them doing more interesting things.

Diabetes may be seen as a hindrance to friendship and relationships.

They may find that the career path they want to pursue is one of the very few that excludes people with diabetes.


They may sail through adolescence, managing everything beautifully including their diabetes.

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