Your Teenager – With or Without Diabetes

The teenage years are a time of big changes.

Teenagers begin feeling different, making changes, testing limits, experimenting with decision making, making mistakes, challenging adult rules, feeling that nothing can go wrong, risk taking, enjoying life, looking forward to new challenges.


  • May feel caught between their inner drives, peer group pressure and family expectations.
  • Is very self-conscious about physical development, physical health, and sexuality.
  • Value possessions, popularity and status.
  • Develop “crushes” on peers.
  • Becomes angry with what they see as interference of parents in their life.
  • May be moody and irritable.
  • Begin to reason and see things from different points of view.
  • Begin to handle a wider range of problems.
  • May experience anxiety, withdrawal from those around them or feelings of depression
  • Seek and develops a close circle of friends for social support and generally becomes more social.
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