To care for your child you must care for yourself

Diabetes takes a lot of time and energy so it’s normal to feel frustrated and tired from the constant daily demands of management.

Your emotions may change and recur (perhaps frequently) – guilt, frustration, helplessness, sadness, anger… and elation when all goes according to plan.

It can help to talk to someone who may understand, perhaps another parent going through the same thing.

Share your feelings with your partner, a friend or relative, support groups, your doctor, other health professionals such as a social worker or psychologist.

Share diabetes-related tasks with your partner, supportive family members or friends.

Keep in touch with your educator, as ongoing education can help you and your child at different stages.

Don’t be afraid to ask your health professional team for support and guidance.

Encourage relatives or friends to attend education sessions and/ or support groups to learn more about diabetes so that they may in turn give you support.

Find some time for yourself. It’s a worthwhile investment for the daily demands of parenting.

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