Q: I am going on a school camp, what should I pack for my diabetes?

A: Having everything ready for school camps and excursions will help you have a wonderful time doing things you normally wouldn’t do at home.

It is important to be prepared and here is a list that might help you:

  • Insulin
  • Insulin pen or syringe
  • Pump supplies (if on a pump)
  • Travel bag (to keep insulin cold)
  • Blood glucose meter
  • Test strips
  • Finger pricker and lancets
  • Hand wipes
  • Ketone test strips
  • Small sharps container
  • Hypo food
  • Extra snacks
  • Glucagon (if necessary)
  • Blood glucose diary
  • Diabetes identification (worn by you)
  • Write down important things you do at home for you diabetes
  • Mobile phone (if you have one)
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