Your child – With or without diabetes

There are a number of behaviours and stages that any child goes through regardless of whether or not they have diabetes and it is important as a parent to understand these behaviours and how they may impact on the child’s diabetes.

A child aged 8–12 years with or without diabetes

  • Becomes more practical, leaving their magical thinking and vivid imagination behind
  • Starts to separate from you, becomes more independent, and may have secrets from you
  • Becomes more self-aware
  • Becomes more social
  • Usually prefers to have friends of the same sex
  • Begins to understand their strong and weak points and those of others too
  • Solves problems more easily
  • Starts to express themselves more clearly
  • Enjoys being creative
  • Becomes more self-conscious
  • May have school phobia and “pretend” illnesses
  • May sometimes lie or steal to avoid confrontation
  • Becomes more interested in the outside world
  • May worry about family issues like arguments, illness or death
  • May worry about disasters seen on television or in movies
  • Starts to rely more on the approval of friends and are interested in people beyond the family
  • Becomes more sexually aware, although this can happen earlier
  • Begins to want more control and may start questioning rules
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