Diabetes Dictionary

This quick reference is your comprehensive lookup of diabetes terms and their meanings.

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Gastroparesis -  A complication of diabetes that causes delayed digestion resulting in unpredictable swings in blood glucose levels

The body’s main source of energy.
Glucagon -  A hormone made by the pancreas that causes the liver to release glucose from body stores. Manufactured glucagon is injected to raise blood glucose levels in a person with severe hypoglycaemia.
Glycaemic Index -  A ranking of carbohydrate foods according to their effect on blood glucose levels.

Glycemic Response
The effect of different foods on blood glucose (sugar) levels over a period of time.
Glycemic Load -  The predicted effect of a food on blood glucose levels that takes into account glycemic index and total available carbohydrate.
Glycogen -  The body’s stores of glucose in the liver and muscle which release glucose (sugar) into the blood when needed by cells. Glycogen is the chief source of stored fuel in the body.
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