Diabetes Dictionary

This quick reference is your comprehensive lookup of diabetes terms and their meanings.

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IDDM -  Insulin dependant diabetes mellitus, now known as type 1 diabetes.
Immune system -  A system of the body that provides protection from infection.
Infusion Set -  Consists of a length of thin plastic tubing with a lock connector at one end, attached to a very small cannula placed under the skin. It is connected to the insulin pump and used to deliver insulin to the body.
Infusion Site -  The place on the body where the infusion set needle is inserted under the skin.
Injection -  The introduction of medication into the body with a delivery device eg. needle and syringe, pen, pump. A person with diabetes injects insulin by putting the needle into the tissue under the skin (called subcutaneous). Other ways of giving medicine or nourishment by injection are putting the needle into a vein (intravenous/IV) or putting the needle into a muscle (intramuscular/IM).
Injection Site -  The place on the body where the insulin is injected.

A hormone made by the pancreas that is responsible for controlling blood glucose levels.
Insulin Resistance -  The inability of the body to recognise and use insulin as it should.
Intramuscular -  Into the muscle.
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