Diabetes Dictionary

This quick reference is your comprehensive lookup of diabetes terms and their meanings.

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Cannula -  A small tube that is inserted into the body to assist in various methods of insulin delivery eg. pumps, insuflon.
Carbohydrate -  A nutrient in food that provides a major source of energy. Usually found in grains, fruits, starchy vegetables and dairy foods. Is broken down to glucose in the blood stream and raises blood glucose levels
Cholestero -  A fatty waxy substance made by the body and also found in some foods. High levels of cholesterol in the blood stream are a risk factor for heart disease.
Coeliac Disease -  A condition where there is an intolerance to gluten, a protein found in foods that causes damage to the small intestine.
Complications -  The long term effects of uncontrolled diabetes on the body.
Convulsion -  A fit or seizure that can be a symptom of severe or untreated hypoglycaemia.
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