Diabetes Dictionary

This quick reference is your comprehensive lookup of diabetes terms and their meanings.

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Adrenal glands -  Glands located at the top of each kidney that secrete important hormones for the function of many organ systems in the body.
Adrenaline -  One of the secretions of the adrenal glands. It helps the liver release glucose (sugar) and limit the release of insulin. It also makes the heart beat faster and can raise blood pressure.
Alpha Cells -  Alpha cells are found in the pancreas. They produce a hormone called glucagon, which raises blood glucose levels.
Antibodies -  Proteins that the body makes to protect itself from foreign substances.
Antibody -  A special kind of protein made by the immune system that is released in response to something foreign in the body eg. virus. Antibodies help fight infection.
Autoimmunity -  Pertaining to development of an immune response to one's own tissue.
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